Dora Deodhar

Hi there!

My name is Dora, and I’m the creative mind behind Peaches ‘n Cream Weddings. In 2017 I had my very own “Big Fat Fusion Wedding,” which opened my eyes to the wedding industry in a new way! After years of helping friends and family members with their own luxury weddings and events, I decided to take the plunge and pursue wedding planning full time.

When I’m not working, I’m trying to soak up every last minute of summer sunlight on a patio or by the beach (or hiding from the winter chill). I’ve got two beautiful little girls that keep me on my toes, so I’m usually highly-caffeinated and I derive most of my energy from coffee and Coke Zero. When I need a break, a spa day is the best way for me to relax so I can keep up with the craziness of life. Finally, I’m a world traveler and a foodie so sharing your culture with me will probably inspire me to book a trip and try some new restaurants.

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